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Mini blade fuse kit:


Ionnic's Mini blade fuse kit features 100 various Mini blade fuses, in 7 different current ratings. Ranging from 5A up to 30A. It is packaged in handy plastic storage container.

The MINI® Fuse is the standard for vehicle circuit protection. Its miniature design meets the need for more circuits to be protected while utilizing less space, and its ability to cope with high temperatures in adverse environments makes the MINI® Fuse of recommended choice for protection.


These Mini (ATM) fuses are compatible with ISO280 Series Fuse Boxes

Mini blade fuse kit includes:


- 10 x 5A Fuses

- 10 x 7.5A Fuses

- 20 x 10A Fuses

- 20 x 15A Fuses

- 20 x 20A Fuses

- 10 x 25A Fuses
- 10 x 30A Fuses 

Mini (ATM) Blade Fuse Kit - 100pc

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