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• The HCW Light / UHF Mount for 40 Series Landcruisers is a perfect, clean way to mount accessories to your vintage Landcruiser.


This mount has provision for a UHF antenna. Designed around the GME 2.1dBI, it places the tip of the antenna at a height to maximize performance and clear any roof racks that you may have. Made from 3mm 316 Stainless Steel and TIG welded, this high-quality mount will stand the test of time.


Suits all 40 Series Landcruisers with Barn/Ambulance Rear Doors.


All Australian Made.


LH/RH versions available, please advise which side you are looking for.



Light Mounts without the UHF are also available to match the other side.

HCW FJ40 Rear Door Hinge Light / UHF Antenna Mount

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