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Guard-Flex Braid Sheathing


  • Extremely flexible & easy to apply over irregular shapes.
  • Open weave construction allows for complete drainage.
  • Salt, oil, most fuels, solvent and abrasion resistant.
  • Wide range of sizes available.
  • Broad operating temperatures.
  • Supplied in 25m rolls or cut-to-length (up to 25m only)


    Guard-Flex Braid Sheathing

    • Specifications:

      • Material:Polyester
      • Colours:Black
      • Certificate:UL, RoHS, REACH, Halogen Free
      • Operating Temp:-50°C to +150°C
      • Cutting Tool:Hot Knife
      • Melting Point:240 ±10°C
      • Flammability:VW-1
    • 3mm (normal) : 1-6mm Expanded

      6mm (normal) : 3-9mm Expanded 

      8mm (normal) : 5-16mm Expanded

      10mm (normal) : 7-19mm Expanded

      12mm (normal) : 8-24mm Expanded

      16mm (normal) : 10-27mm Expanded

      25mm (normal) : 18-35mm Expanded

      32mm (normal) : 20-50mm Expanded

      45mm (normal) : 35-75mm Expanded

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